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Genoa, Italy is not only one of the most famous cities in Italy, but also the second largest city in the world and is located on the Mediterranean coast, just a few hours drive from Rome. Genoa is located in Liguria and you will find a port city that miraculously survived the claws of mass tourism that you find elsewhere in it. There are many towns on the Italian Riviera that can be visited by train, ferry or in good weather.

Once you reach Genoa, you can reach it by train, ferry or boat from the port of Liguria or from Rome via the city center.

Of course you can decide to spend a long time here and take a train ride of 90 - 120 minutes to Cinque Terre or a ferry from the Ligurian port. You can also take the train from Genoa to Florence and from there to the Italian Riviera or choose a day trip from Rome via the city centre via Rome - Naples or from Florence via Naples. It would be better to stay close, but it allows day trips in and out of Genoa.

If you are convinced that you will spend more than one day in Genoa, you should check out the Cinque Terre Tour before heading to Genoa. If you spend more days in this medium-sized Italian city, you have many opportunities to explore the beaches of Genoa. Before we convince you to spend more of your day at GenOA, we would like to know what else to see and do during your day trip to Genoa and back again.

For the Rome-Milan route, there is also the "Italo" train, which leaves Roma Tiburtina from Roma Termini and arrives in Milano Centrale or Milano Rogoredo. Genoa - Pisa is a fast two-hour journey, and by plane it is served daily by planes from Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Rome and Milan. To book a trip to Northern Italy for your airfare, please send a form called "ItalianTourism" on our website. In northern Italy there are two major airports, Genoa and Rome, both just a few minutes drive from the city centre.

Genoa has a non-negotiable time at sea, so choose Porto Antico, Genoa's oldest port. From there you can enjoy a cruise in the Mediterranean, visit Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and also Turkey or enjoy cruises in the Mediterranean.

This city is a must-visit if you want to explore Italy and are tired of the crowds in Florence and Rome.

It is a great place to explore the history of the city, architecture, culture, cuisine, history and even the history of the people. You don't have to travel to the Cinque Terre or Portofino to experience the traditional fishing villages along the Italian Riviera, because Genoa has its own. If you want to eat Italian food, experience culture and see streets full of history, but find Rome and Florence too crowded, this is the place for you. There are a number of beautiful villages on the Italian Riviera, which are perfect for a day trip.

Unlike other popular European destinations, Genoa is very safe for travelers, so don't worry there either, as it is one of the safest cities in Italy.

The Italian Trenitalia train network makes it easy to travel directly and quickly to and from major cities. Genoa is also close to many other Italian cities, including Turin, Turin, Florence, Florence, Florence and Livorno.

Genoa is a train hub and there are trains that can take you directly to the southern part of Italy and Sicily. France is easily accessible by TGV, but there is no direct connection to other major Italian cities such as Rome or Naples. Genoa can be reached by train from many other cities in Italy and from other parts of the world.

As Genoa is a busy port city, it is included in many cruise routes and can also be easily reached by car. The main access gates are located in the port and in the most popular destinations such as Naples, Rome, Naples and Sicily.

Genoa Principe station is one of the oldest in Italy and was built at the opening of the first railway line in northern Italy. If you arrive in Genoa by train, you can also experience history: about 80 Rolli palaces were built in the 16th century, when Genoa was the capital of Italy and also an important port for trade and commerce.

If you wonder why the more avid traveller does not come out and visit this wonderful, less well-known city of Genoa, it has it all. While GenOA has a great view of the Mediterranean and a rich history of trade and commerce, the city is overshadowed by cities like Rome and Venice. So you know where to focus your eating efforts before you do it in Genoa, Italy.

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More About Genoa