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The dynamic city of Bastia remains alive and offers a wonderful welcome to tired travellers who are getting off a long ferry trip to Corsica.

It is close to Italy and France, and a few kilometres from the island of Sardinia. Corsica has beaches that compete with the Cote d'Azur and hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as the best beaches on the Mediterranean. The island has been under French rule since the 17th century and is separated from the Sardinian one by the narrow Strait of Bonifacio. It is the second largest island in Europe after the Isle of Man and the third largest in Africa.

Corsica was bought by France in 1768 from Genoa and has preserved much of its Italian heritage, with Tuscan-influenced language and cuisine.

In the 1950s, the club returned to the top of Italian football, reaching the final of the Champions League and the European Cup Winners "Cup with a 0-0 win over Real Madrid. He is Milan's longest-serving manager, having spent the first four years of his tenure on the bench before winning his club's first European Cup triumph. The Dutch trio gave his team an attacking boost, completing Mario Balotelli, Roberto Di Matteo and Gianluigi Buffon.

In Gattuso's first full season as coach, Milan exceeded expectations and spent much of the campaign in the top four, continuing a 10-game unbeaten streak in which they won seven consecutive games, including games against Juventus, Lazio and Roma. Before that, only Perugia remained unbeaten for an entire Serie A season (1978-79) and had finished second.

The highest victory for Milan was the 13: 0 against Audax Modena in a league match in the 1914 / 15 season. Milan played their first league game of the season on the first day of the season, losing 1-2 to Sampierdarenese in front of 3,000 fans at the San Siro.

The team went through a period of decline after the retirement of Gianni Rivera that same year, but won its tenth league title in 1979. Milan won the Serie B title in 1980-81 and returned to Serie A. They won the Serie C title for the 10th consecutive year. They were relegated to third-last place at the end of their 1981-82 campaign and the club won their 16th championship by beating Romanian club Steaua Bucuresti 4-0 in a final. In the 1983-84 season Milan won the 14th league title in front of 3,000 fans at the San Siro, the first since the 1914-15 season.

As is customary in Italian football, the club has been awarded one star after winning 10 league titles since 1979. The first official match Milan played was the 1983-84 Serie A Cup final against the Turin side, which they lost 3-0.

In the 1991-92 season, the club became the first team to win the Serie A title without losing a single game, and this Milan team is remembered as AC Milan's own invincibility. In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked them as the eighth richest football club in the world, making them the richest in Italian football, coming in at ninth place - narrowly ahead of Juventus.

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More About Genoa