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The Costa Deliziosa has started a series of seven-day cruises from Naples to Italy, carrying only Italian residents. In summer 2013 we spent a total of five days in Italy and four days in the Mediterranean.

The other ships of the Italian cruise company sailed from Naples to Rome and then again to Naples, Rome, Naples and Naples. The Costa Deliziosa and its sister ship, the Costa Cagliari, sailed a total of five days in the Mediterranean, four days in Italy and three days at sea.

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OK Explorer Yachts is built by the CNC shipyard in Chioggia, Venice, and the North Sails Loft in Rome, Italy, is home to one of the leading Italian sailmakers, North America's largest and most successful sailmaker.

The main charter area for yachtsmen in Italy is concentrated on the west coast of the mainland, but sailing trips are the best way to get the most out of an Italian sail. Whether it's a sea cruise in Italy or a variety of tours, Gate 1 Travel will make your holiday unforgettable. From skipper to bareboat rental, Italy offers flexible sailing holidays, and the organizer allows you to rebook dates and tour dates or to forego changes for the Emotional Tour of Sicily Luxury. Yacht Charter to Italy offers the opportunity to live in every moment of relaxation and discover the beautiful views and beaches of Italy, making your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Your guide will help you experience the best of Italy as you travel through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. When the time is right to sail in Italy, you can explore Italy's most popular tourist destinations such as Venice, Naples, Rome, Pisa, Bologna and Rome.

We link to the best hotels, restaurants and hotels in Italy's most popular tourist destinations. It is located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, a few hours drive from Rome, Naples, Pisa and Rome.

The most important sails in Italy are in the west of the country, except for the cruise in the Venice - Trieste area. Northern Sardinia is the most popular area with a rich anchorage, while southern Sardina is a popular destination for cruisers traveling from east to west across the Mediterranean. North Adriatic coast in Italy, including Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Rimini; the Bay of Naples includes Capri ; Tuscany includes the island of Elba; and there are a number of small islands along the east coast of Italy, such as the Isle of Man. Southern Italy Adratic comprises the islands of Stromboli, Calabria, Pescara and the southernmost part of Sicily, as well as some islands off the north and east coasts.

The charter scene has begun, but there is another area that will emerge, and it is starting to start its journey by providing impeccable services and facilities for tourists. The Italian coast is perfectly maintained and offers a wide range of services, facilities and amenities for tourists and residents.

The Italian base Aviano is one of the largest naval bases in the world and the second largest in Italy. This naval base at Naples airport in Italy is home to the US Navy's 2nd Fleet and its aircraft carriers. Camp Darby is a US military base on the southern tip of Naples on the Mediterranean Sea, just a few kilometres from the coast.

The 4-star hotel is a 4-star hotel and will be located at the foot of Camp Darby, the largest military base in Italy and the second largest in the world.

The schooner Gullet cruises in the waters of Italy and France and the sailboat is an unforgettable adventure. Sail City is a unique opportunity to discover Naples and stay in a floating hotel, which is not only the most beautiful city in Italy, but also one of the best hotels in the world. Take advantage of everything it has to offer, from the breathtaking views of Naples to the beautiful beaches, and pay tribute to Naples with an intense capsule.

If your holiday in Italy is not relaxing enough, you can imagine exploring the waves of Sicily and Sardinia or exploring the Mediterranean with a crewed sailing yacht from the coast of Italy and France to the islands of Corsica and Sicily. What could be more pleasant than chartering luxury yachts in Italy and sailing from Naples to Naples?

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More About Genoa