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The Italian city of Genoa and the best things to do during a stay in Genoa, we have compiled ten wonderful tours and activities for your taste.

From Genoa - Brignole Train Station, you can easily walk to the main attractions, such as the famous Aquarium and most of Genoa's other important monuments. The tour starts from Piazza Ferrari, the main entrance to the city centre and one of the main tourist attractions. From here we can see several interesting buildings, including a museum, a theater, an amphitheater and a number of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

Of course, you can choose to spend a long time here or take a train ride in 90 - 120 minutes to Cinque Terre, a small town in the south of the city. This is an excellent option for a stay in Genoa, but it would be better to stay closer to the main tourist attractions, such as the Aquarium, Piazza Ferrari, the amphitheater and other important monuments. A possible day trip to Genoa can be made in a few hours, although it is preferable to stay nearby.

If you spend more than a day in this medium-sized Italian city, you will also have the opportunity to explore the beaches of Genoa. If you have time to visit the Genoa Aquarium, which will surely impress you, it is not an attraction worth missing, especially if you are traveling to Genoa with your children. One of the best ways to see GenOA in one day, including public transport, is the 24-hour Genoa Card, which can be purchased online.

If you want an English guide to Genoa, your best - and only - bet is Thomas Cook's Genoa CitySpots. Take a look at our guide to the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and the capital of Italy.

Inlingua Genoa is located in the heart of the historic center and is a great place to learn Italian. Cactus offers a range of Italian courses in Genoa, including courses in Italian, Spanish, French, English and Spanish combined, and English as a second language.

L lanterna di Genova is an interesting place in the Ligurian capital, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the port of the Italian city. Genoa is also a great place to explore the entire region, including the jewels of Portofino and the Cinque Terre. You can visit the palace, check out our visit to the Genoa website and be part of a tour of the entire city of Liguria, which includes the historic city centre, the old town and its many historic buildings.

The best place to stay in Genoa is also one of the most affordable places on the Italian Riviera, and it is within walking distance of the city centre, the port of Portofino and the Cinque Terre, as well as the historic city of Liguria. Our hostel in Genoa was located in the heart of the city, within walking distance of the historic center of Genoa.

This area is located north of the old town and you can travel to it by high-speed train from almost any part of Italy. Genoa is a train hub and can be reached by high-speed train from Rome, Florence, Milan, Rome - Naples, Naples - Liguria or from the port of Portofino. If you want to eat Italian food, experience culture, see historic streets and find Rome and Florence too crowded, this is the place to visit.

If you are convinced that you will spend more than one day in Genoa, you want to know what else to see and do during your day trip to Genoa. There are many things to do, although it is highly advisable to visit in spring and summer.

Starting with cosmopolitan Milan, we will explore the best accommodations, restaurants, hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants in Genoa. Our guide gives you more information about the most popular restaurants and hotels in Genoa.

Most of our visit will be concentrated in Piazza della Vittoria, one of the most popular shopping and restaurant areas in Genoa. In the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the main square, you will find a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and shops.

The city is a great place to explore the city of Genoa with its many restaurants, shops, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is an excellent place to explore the history, culture, art, architecture, history and culture of the region and the world.

In Genoa and its streets there are many palaces and impressive gardens, most of them pedestrian areas, such as Via Garibaldi. The many churches in Genoa are the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Saint John the Evangelist, the Cathedral of San Pietro and many others. We advise you not to miss the many restaurants, shops, cafes, restaurants and shops in the city, especially those with an emphasis on art and culture.

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More About Genoa